Crab story


We learn a lot from children. Did you ever notice how they overcome fear?
Last week i spent some time on the beach and little Krishna (my grandson) noticed a crab in the sand. Obviously, it was not very much alive anymore. The crab looked creepy to him and his first reaction was one step away from it, but then he went closer to observe it from near by.  Not even thinking about his fear anymore he picked the crab up to have a really good view from all sides.
The next fifteen minutes , this four year old kept telling me about all the special features he noticed on the crab.

Wonder replaced fear!

Curiousity can be good!
Being a woman, often i was told i was far too curious. now that is real crab!
Curiousity is a tool, i know it and my grandson too!

Abundance / Overvloed


red shoes

This picture of my granddaughter standing in her garden is soooo rich!
Red shoes are made to dance. Can you walk sad, sluggish steps in RED shoes?
They invite you to the DANCE part of ABUNDANCE!
And then all the small daisies at her feet. Life is before us and it blooms!
It is so rich with possibilities smiling to those willing to see.
Not just a few, but hundreds and hundreds. You really can’t miss them they are calling out to you.
Let us open our eyes and see how Mother Earth reflects the abundance of the Divine,
and smile!

Deze foto van mijn kleindochter in haar tuin vol madeliefjes, is zo’n rijk plaatje!
Allereerst haar rode schoenen. Rode schoenen willen dansen door het leven…kun je sloom sloffen op rode schoenen?
En dan alle kleine stralende madeliefjes voor haar. Het leven lacht haar beloftevol toe  in elk glimlachend madeliefje.
Zoveel beloftes en mogelijkheden liggen er voor ons. Je kunt ze eigenlijk niet missen, ze reiken uit naar ons!
Open je ogen en kijk hoe de Aarde de overvloed van de hemel weerspiegeld. En glimlach!

picture by Jyothi Muscetta